April 29, 2020

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Monday, May 4th
10:00amRandy Martinez (advised by Claus Sorensen)
"The Zeta Function on Fermat Hypersurfaces"
2:00pmOmar Vazquez (advised by Ery Arias-Castro)
"Applications of Instrumental Variables in Real Estate Data Analysis"


Wednesday, May 6th
9:30amHaoyang Li (advised by Ery Arias-Castro)
"Algorithms and Applications of Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra"
10:00amThu Nguyen (advised by Ery Arias-Castro)
"Recovering vertices in a preferential attachment model"
10:30amJeb Runnoe (advised by Philip Gill)
"Performance of Quasi-Newton Variants for Unconstrained Optimization"
11:00amYi Fu (advised by Bill Helton)
"Empirical Properties of Extreme Points Arising in Semidefinite Programming with Matrix Variables"


Please contact math-advising-g@ucsd.edu for Zoom links.