January 29, 2004

The Math department has recently hired Donald A. Sonn, Ph.D. as our new Director of Advising. The department created this position to help math majors deal with issues such as careers, internships and curriculum choice.

A number of new majors are going on-line in Mathematics including Math/Secondary Education, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics/Scientific Programming, Math/Computer Science, the joint major in Mathematics and Economics and the Math/Applied Science major, where you get to design your own Math major in conjunction with such fields as Medical and Life Science (pre-Med), Mechanical or Computer Engineering, Biology and Bionegineering or Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

He has developed a Math alumni organization and a student Math Club which will be producing a website, creating a newsletter and sponsoring social functions. Please drop in and say "hi" to Don in room AP&M 2313A, or contact him either by phone (619-534-6009) or by email (