Research Area: Complex Variables


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Peter Ebenfelt's PhotoPeter Ebenfelt
Complex Variables, Complex Geometry, Partial Differential Equations

Ph.D. Mathematics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Foreign Member of the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters
  • Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Research Fellow
  • Wallenberg Prize
John Eggers's PhotoJohn Eggers
Teaching Professor (Senior Lecturer SOE)
Complex Variables, Partial Differential Equations

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
  • UCSD Revelle College Outstanding Faculty Award
  • UCSD Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
Ming Xiao's PhotoMing Xiao
Assistant Professor
Complex Variables, Several Complex Variables, Complex Geometry, CR Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, CR Manifolds

Ph.D. Mathematics, Rutgers University
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