Letters of Recommendation


For Students

Please fill out the Student Info Release Authorization Form and email it to math-lor-g@ucsd.edu.


For Faculty

To have Math Student Affairs staff assist you with submitting letters of recommendation for a student (for graduate school or teaching positions), please follow all of the following steps:

  1. Have the student fill out the Student Info Release Authorization Form above and email it to lor@math.ucsd.edu.
  2. Fill out the Evaluation Form (you will receive a copy of your answers for each submission).
  3. Submit a PDF of the letter of recommendation to math-lor-g@ucsd.edu.
  4. Forward links from schools. If you receive a reset password link, please forward it directly to math-lor-g@ucsd.edu and do not create your own password.
  5. A member of the Math Student Affairs staff will send you a confirmation when the letters of recommendation have been submitted.


  • Letters of recommendation will not be submitted until BOTH the Student Info Release Authorization Form is received from the student AND the faculty fills out the online evaluation.
  • Please allow 2-3 university business days for Math Student Affairs staff to submit your letters of recommendation.