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Department of Mathematics,
University of California San Diego


Math 278C: Optimization and Data Science

Prof. Shmuel Friedland

University of Illinois, Chicago

The complexity of computation of the minimum of certain convex functions


The aim of this talk to show that several quantities: as the spectral radius of weakly irreducible tensors, maximum of d-homogeneous polynomial with nonnegative coefficients in the unit ball of the d-H¨older norm, are polynomially computable. This computability result is proven for a larger class of minimum of certain convex functions in R n, which was considered by several authors. This is a joint work with Stephane Gaubert, INRIA and Centre de Math´ematiques Appliqu´ees (CMAP), Ecole polytechnique, IP Paris, France.

Host: Jiawang Nie

January 25, 2023

3:00 PM;!!Mih3wA!D2ARw2-8ZGq4YBdDeO3C7nlFQ1HSviNbHCBbkO6zR00UU1QudwzkP91wK8509tzuMYQ5IEWDHLfEdw$
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