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Department of Mathematics,
University of California San Diego


Math 209 - Number Theory Seminar

Claudius Heyer

University of Münster

The left adjoint of derived parabolic induction


Recent advances in the theory of smooth mod $p$ representations of a $p$-adic reductive group $G$ involve more and more derived methods.  It becomes increasingly clear that the proper framework to study smooth mod $p$ representations is the derived category $D(G)$.

I will talk about smooth mod $p$ representations and highlight their shortcomings compared to, say, smooth complex representations of $G$.  After explaining how the situation improves in the derived category, I will spend the remaining time on the left adjoint of the derived parabolic induction functor.

January 20, 2022

2:00 PM

Pre-talk at 1:30 PM

Zoom; see