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Department of Mathematics,
University of California San Diego


Math 243, Functional Analysis

Prof. Bill Helton

UC San Diego

Perfect quantum strategies for XOR games


The talk will describe some of the structure associated with 'perfect quantum strategies’ for a class of cooperative games.  In such problems one has a (noncommutative) algebra A which encodes quantum mechanical laws and a list of matrix equations. A solution to these amounts to a perfect quantum strategy; 1 x 1 matrix solutions give a perfect classical strategy. The focus will be on 3XOR games. There is now a way to determine if a perfect quantum strategy exists and construct it if it does. The core of the construction is a variant on the classical 3XOR SAT problem. The talk will describe current understanding of this variant, in particular the sharp transition between solvability and unsolvability as numbers of constraints vs unknowns vary. The work is joint with Adam Bene Watts, Zehong Zhao, Jared Huges and Daniel Kane.

Host: Priyanga Ganesan

February 20, 2024

11:00 AM

APM 7218 and Zoom (meeting ID:  94246284235)