At the beginning of each academic year, the department offers a new student orientation program to incoming graduate students. In this orientation, we will introduce you to the information you will need to begin your career as a grad student at UCSD. 

There is also a campus-wide orientation, offered by Graduate Division.  Additionally, the Senior TA provides a department training for teaching assistants. After this training, incoming grad students should be prepared to run discussion sections for a beginning calculus course. Students whose native language is not English must pass an English proficiency exam before they are permitted to work as a TA.

Prior to the start of the quarter, you will be provided with an office assignment, computer account, and you will need to complete payroll forms. You will be asked to fill out forms so that we can contact you in case of emergency

After the orientation, you will arrange a meeting with your assigned faculty advisor who will help you select courses for Fall quarter. The faculty advisor will assist new students in adjusting to the department, as well as with academic planning. In the second or third year, upon selection of a research (thesis) advisor, the initial faculty advisor will be replaced by the student’s research advisor.

Note: All non-California residents need to establish residency within one year to avoid paying nonresident tuition and fees in their second year. The Residence Deputy will provide additional information about this process by email.