San Diego / Cota Robles Fellowships

The Graduate Program receives funds in the form of a San Diego Fellowship or a Cota Robles Fellowship. These fellowships are awarded to new and incoming students. Nominations are made by the Math Department and then these nominations are brought before a campus wide committee. This committee considers many criteria including whether the student has successfully overcome significant educational, social, cultural, or economic disadvantage or adversity in a way that would enable him or her to contribute to the campus community in a manner that enhances campus diversity. More information can be found at:

Recipients of these awards can receive up to $20,000 per year along with preferences in graduate student housing and possible summer support if they are mentored by a faculty member. Students are encouraged to apply for these fellowships at the same time that they submit their application for admission.

Fellowships for finishing students

Students who will be completing their Ph.D. in the next year may apply for the Fletcher Jones or Presidential Dissertation Fellowships. Candidates for these fellowships are nominated by the Graduate Vice Chair and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. For more information about university wide financial aid, see

Other Resources

Additional funding opportunities might be found by checking Fastweb, Registration is free and the site contains links to many county-wide scholarships and fellowships. While the amount may not be as much as some of the listings above, every little bit can help.