The curriculum for each Master's program in the UC San Diego Department of Mathematics requires that its students complete two (2) comprehensive and/or qualifying examinations.  The specifics of the exams required and the timelines/deadlines involved can be found in the curricula listed for Pure Math, Applied Math, or Statistics.

As of this writing, there are seven (7) different qualifying examinations regularly offered by the Department; the name of each examination and coursework it is based on are listed in the Department’s graduate program section of the campus General Catalog. The primary comprehensive examination regularly offered is based on MATH 282A-B “Applied Statistics”. Sometimes, arrangements have been made to hold comprehensive examinations based on other sequences; if this interests you, inquire with your faculty advisor and/or the Department’s graduate vice chair.

For terminal master’s students, a qualifying examination can count in place of a comprehensive examination. With the approval of the faculty advisor, a master’s student could take two (2) comprehensive examinations, one (1) comprehensive examination and one (1) qualifying examination, or two (2) qualifying examinations.

Traditionally, the Department has offered the full set of seven (7) qualifying examinations and the MATH 282A-B comprehensive examination annually in the weeks shortly before the start of fall quarter classes and annually in spring quarter. Announcements about examination dates/times of upcoming offerings and the registration procedure are made to all graduate students in the Department. Normally, you must register in advance for an examination in order to take it. Promptly follow the registration instructions if you want to take an upcoming examination.