The Department of Mathematics’ honors calculus sequence consists of MATH 31AH (“Honors Linear Algebra”), MATH 31BH (“Honors Multivariable Calculus”), and MATH 31CH (“Honors Vector Calculus”). Designed for the exceptionally talented student of mathematics, these three courses cover the content of their 20-series counterpart courses (see below) but in a far more rigorous, proof-based manner.

MATH 31AH : MATH 18 (formerly 20F)



The prerequisite to taking the honors sequence is achieving an AP Calculus BC score of 5 or GCE A Level Further Mathematics with an A* grade (if evaluated as equivalent to MATH 20A-20B). Students who want to take courses in the honors calculus sequence, but who lack the prerequisite, may enroll in with the consent of the faculty instructor.

A student in any mathematics major who completes MATH 31CH may substitute an upper-division elective for MATH 109 in order to meet the overall course count requirement of the major.

Students in the Joint Major in Mathematics and Economics who want to take honors calculus courses only need to take MATH 31AH and MATH 31BH, not MATH 31CH.

Students taking the non-honors calculus series have a choice of taking MATH 18 (formerly 20F) at any time independently of when they take courses in the 20 series. However, those in the honors calculus series must take MATH 31AH, 31BH, and 31CH in numerical order for continuity of coverage.

If you start in the MATH 31 sequence, but wish to switch to the MATH 20 sequence, you may do so. Example: If you do not do well in MATH 31AH, you can start the non-honors series at MATH 20C. You do not have to continue with MATH 31BH.

Note: The honors calculus sequence is distinct from the Department of Mathematics Honors Program; you do not need to complete one in order to participate in the other.

Note: Normally, MATH 109 is a prerequisite for each of MATH 100A, 103A, 140A, and 142A. However, if you complete MATH 31CH, you do not have to take MATH 109 before taking any of the aforementioned list of four upper division courses. You can choose to take Math 109 in addition to MATH 31CH.