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(MA35) Probability & Statistics B.S.

B.S. effective Winter 2007.

Faculty advisors: Jason Schweinsberg, Dimitris Politis

Course requirements include real analysis, numerical methods, probability, statistics, and computational statistics. Up to 8 units of upper division courses may be taken from outside the department in an applied mathematical area if approved by petition. By optionally taking additional rigorous courses in real analysis, this major can be good preparation for those students who want to study probability and statistics in graduate school.

A note on the MA35 Lower-Division Programming Requirement: Students do not necessarily have to take Java Programming for this major. Please click here for a list of C++ Programming courses that can also satisfy your lower division programming requirement. Students may choose to use a C++ Programming course in place of CSE 8B, CSE 11, or ECE 15 for this requirement. Any courses not pre-approved on the above list could also be petitioned.

*Note that course numbers at Community Colleges may be subject to change. Please contact the Math Department through the VAC if you believe you have taken one of the approved C++ courses above and we will evaluate the course and update your degree audit.