(Formerly the MATH 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam Information page)


Effective Winter, 2022, the Mathematics Department will no longer require students take a Requirement Fulfillment Exam in order to earn transfer credit for Math 20E.

Instead, students who have taken a multivariable calculus course that covers Vector Calculus material (either one already articulated for Math 20C or one not yet reviewed by faculty) will follow the same process as other transfer equivalency requests. Students will complete and submit a petition for departmental exception, including a course syllabus, course calendar, and textbook information and (specifically required for 20E review) the final exam from the course.

Students may submit a petition at any time – petitions take approximately two weeks for review.

Required documentation:

  • Petition form (PDF)
  • Course syllabus
  • Lecture schedule and topics (with textbook table of contents)
  • Final exam copy

Submission by email: mathadvising@math.ucsd.edu

For information on what content is expected for a Vector Calculus course, please refer to the UCSD General Catalog Course Description:

20E. Vector Calculus (4)
Change of variable in multiple integrals, Jacobian, Line integrals, Green’s theorem. Vector fields, gradient fields, divergence, curl. Spherical/cylindrical coordinates. Taylor series in several variables. Surface integrals, Stoke’s theorem. Gauss’ theorem. Conservative fields.

For any questions, please contact mathadvising@math.ucsd.edu.