Welcome new Affiliate to the UCSD Department of Mathematics!

This page applies to new users who are affiliated with the UCSD Department of Mathematics but are NOT in a formal UC-paid employee relationship.


  • Contingent Workers (CWR)
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Visiting Graduate Students
  • Volunteers
  • Other approved dept.-sponsored Affiliates/Guests
  • Etc.

Follow the steps below in order:

You should have received the following new affiliate information earlier:

  1. Your UCSD Affiliate Email Address = username@ucsd.edu
  2. Your UCSD Affiliate Active Directory (AD) Username = username

If you did NOT the receive the above information earlier, please contact Math Dept. HR staff before proceeding.

Reset the password for your Affiliate AD (Active Directory) account:


  • Enter your Affiliate AD account username.
  • Click the "Continue" button.
  • Use the "I know my current AD password and would like to change it." option. If you have not received a separate email with the initial starter password for your Affiliate AD account, please contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu to request it.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts as directed to reset your AD password.
  • Create a new secure AD password.  REMEMBER your new AD password.

Register your smartphone for Duo Two-Step Login multi-factor authentication:



Already familiar with Duo?  Then go directly to the Device Registration Link:
(Login using your UCSD AD account username and password)

Register for the Triton Alert emergency notification system as an Affiliate/Guest:


NOTE: If you later become employed as a Faculty/Staff, you may need to re-register again as Faculty/Staff at "https://iam.ucsd.edu/tritonalert?login=facstaff"


Complete the Work Location Status form at:


Most non-student employee job positions are currently Hybrid (working both remotely and on-campus).  Fill out the form like this:

a) "What is your current work arrangement?" = "Hybrid"
b) "Building" = "Applied Physics and Mathematics" (or whatever building your assigned office is in)
c) "Floor" = "Seventh Floor" (or whatever floor your assigned office is in, if you have not been assigned an office, choose "Seventh Floor" for now)
d) "Is your specific work location accessible to the public where individuals outside the UC San Diego community can to come to your work space (e.g. desk, lab, office, etc.) unescorted?" = "Yes".

Be sure to update this Work Location Status form as your work arrangement changes over time.

Login to your Affiliate Email account:


  • Login as "USERNAME@ucsd.edu" and your AD password.
  • NOTE: If your web browser normally automatically logins to your PERSONAL Gmail account, click on your Gmail profile icon in the upper-right corner and choose the "Add another account" option and enter in your UCSD Affiliate Email in "USERNAME@ucsd.edu" format to login to the correct account.
  • Click on the Gmail profile icon in the upper-right corner and verify it has the "UC San Diego" logo and lists your "USERNAME@ucsd.edu" email address.  You will need to remember to switch between the correct Gmail accounts as appropriate for work/personal use.
  • It is your own responsibility to regularly check your UCSD Affiliate Email for any affiliate work-related emails.
  • Reply back to the "TEST1" email sent from mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu or wcheung@ucsd.edu to confirm your UCSD Affiliate email is working OK.

to the UCSD Zoom portal:

https://ucsd.zoom.us/ -> Sign In

using your "username@ucsd.edu" email address to confirm a UCSD Zoom license has been auto-assigned to you.

Click on your Zoom profile icon in the upper-right corner and verify it lists your correct USERNAME@ucsd.edu email address.

Within the first 30-days of the start of your job appointment, complete any compliance and required training applicable to your job position:

(NOTE: Before typing anything, be sure to change the "Or sign on with:" menu option from "Business Systems" to "Active DirectoryFIRST, then enter your UCSD AD username/password to login.)

Compliance and Required Training

SPECIAL NOTE: New faculty/instructors or student affairs staff must complete FERPA training (~30 minutes) first before being granted access to student data:

FERPA Training

Report to your supervisor for initial work assignments.

For questions or problems encountered with the above steps, please contact "mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu" and let us know when you're available to meet over Zoom to troubleshoot your problems.

Thank you!