Mathematics Honors Program presentations are held each May. These presentations were based on theses submitted for examination to the Mathematics Department Honors Committee.

The Mathematics Department Honors Committee determines the level of departmental honors awarded (Honors with Distinction, Honors with High Distinction, or Honors with Highest Distinction), based on the student's GPA in the major and the quality of the honors work.

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Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Xun Gong Honors with High Distinction Monodromy of a Symmetric Surface Amir Mohammadi
Andrew Paul Honors with Distinction Churn Classes and Lines on a Cubic Surface Dragos Oprea
Rohan Puthukudy Honors with Distinction Combinatorial Representation Theory  Steven Sam
Frederick Rajasekaran Honors with Highest Distinction Fluctuations of Eigenvalues and Concentration Inequalities for Patterned Random Matrices Todd Kemp
Mingcheng Sheng Honors with High Distinction The Function Theory and Structural Information Amir Mohammadi
Fuxiang Yang Honors with Highest Distinction Invariant Theory and Group Coaction on Artin-Shelter Regular Algebra Daniel Rogalski
Winston Yu Honors with High Distinction Maximum Mean Discrepancy Tests via Learned Data-Dependent Encoder Kernels Alex Cloninger
Ellie Zou Honors with Distinction Parameter Estimation on Dynamic Factor Augmented Regression Model Danna Zhang


Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Ricardo Arruda Honors with High Distinction Combinatorics of Young Tableaux and its Applications Steven Sam
Andrew Dennehy Honors with High Distinction LINSCAN- A Linearity Based Clustering Algorithm Alex Cloninger
Aidan Epperly Honors with High Distinction Matrix Extreme Versus Free Extreme William Helton
Kin Yau James Wong Honors with Highest Distinction Kakeya Sets and its Applications Ioan Bejenaru
Hantao Yu Honors with Highest Distinction Discrete Fourier Transform over Schurian Schemes Kiran Kedlaya, Chris Umans
Shuncheng Yuan Honors with High Distinction Empirical Study of Randomized Algorithms for Low-rank Approximation Ioana Dumitriu
Junchen Zhao Honors with Distinction A Concrete Example of Matrix Tuples Optimally Coupled in a Larger Matrix Algebra Todd Kemp, David Jekel
Yixuan Zhou Honors with Distinction Numerics for Different Bases in Certifying Nonnegativity of Polynomials Mareike Dressler


Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Artur Bayramyan Honors with Distinction Topological Algebra: Tool of Persistent Homology and Its Application In Analysing US School Market Steven Sam
Brian Chao Honors with High Distinction A spatial mutation model with increasing mutation rates Jason Schweinsberg
Austin Du Honors with Distinction Estimating Quadratically Regularized Wasserstein Distance on k-Connected Graphs Alex Cloninger
Ibrahim Hajar Honors with Distinction Embeddability of Abstract Pseudo-Einstein Cauchy-Riemann Manifolds Peter Ebenfelt
Erding Liao Honors with Distinction An Investigation of Hidden Markov Model with Partially Missing Observations

Ery Arias-Castro

Huanxi Liu Honors with Distinction An Evaluation of Hyperparameter Tuning Methods in SVM

Ery Arias-Castro

Tomoki Oda Honors with Distinction Kleinian Singularities

James M cKernan

William Tran Honors with Distinction Spectral Theory of Graphons

Ioana Dumitriu

Jiyue Zeng Honors with High Distinction Numerical Methods for Convex Optimization and Their Applications

Mareike Dressler, Martin Licht

Lawrence Zhang Honors with Distinction A Friendly Introduction to Compressed Sensing

Ery Arias-Castro


Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Yi Fu Honors with High Distinction Empirical Properties of Extreme Points Arising in Semidefinite Programming with Matrix Variables Bill Helton
Haoyang Li Honors with Distinction Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra and Its Applications Ery Arias-Castro
Randy Martinez Honors with Distinction Zeta Function for Fermat Hypersurfaces Claus Sorensen
Thu Nguyen Honors with High Distinction Recovering the First Vertices in a Preferential Attachment Model Ery Arias-Castro
Jeb Runnoe Honors with High Distinction Quasi-Newton Methods for Unconstrained Optimization Philip Gill
Omar Vazquez Honors with Distinction Instrumental Variable Methods in Real Estate Data Analysis Ery Arias-Castro
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Qingyuan Chen Honors with High Distinction A Hopf's Ratio Ergodic Theorem for Heisenberg Group Amir Mohammadi
Haiyu Huang Honors with High Distinction Paradoxical Decomposition and Amenability Adrian Ioana
Xingfan Jia Honors with High Distinction Shallow Neural Networks, Gradient Descent, and Overparameterization Ery Arias-Castro
Nathan Liitstschwager Honors with Distinction Determining Causal Effects on Small-Cluster Data Ronghui "Lily" Xu
Longde Wang Honors with High Distinction The Application of Symmetric Tensor Decomposition to Parameter Estimation of Latent Variable Models Jiawang Nie
Clara Woods Honors with High Distinction Evaluating IBM’s Quantum Compiler and Quantum Computer Architectures As They Pertain to Quantum Walk Simulation Algorithms David Meyer
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Amin Fozi Honors with Distinction Algorithmic Reconstruction of Inverted Relationships Using the Alyawarra Kinship Glossary David Meyer
Harveen Kaur Honors with High Distinction Minimal Sets for Unipotent Flows Are Compact Amir Mohammadi
Zecheng Kuang Honors with Distinction Singular-Value Decomposition and Its Applications Thang Huynh
Xinyi Luo Honors with Highest Distinction Anti-Cycling Methods for Linear Programming Philip Gill
Zhao Lyu Honors with High Distinction Simplicial Mesh Refinement in Computational Geometry Martin Licht
Karina Meneses-Cime Honors with Highest Distinction The Intractability and the Tractability of the Orthogonal Vectors Problem Sam Buss
Drew Nguyen Honors with Distinction Linear Models and Sequential Hypothesis Testing Ian Abramson
Laura Thapa Honors with High Distinction Applications of Classification Trees to San Diego Marine Layer Prediction Michael Holst
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
He Jiang Honors with Distinction A Comparison of Permutation and Bootstrap Tests Ery Arias-Castro
Sohyeon Park Honors with High Distinction Optimal Worm Shapes in a Caustic Environment Li-Tien Cheng, Bo Li
Jiayi Tong Honors with High Distinction Random Matrices with Blocks of Intermediate Scale Strongly Correlated Band Matrices Todd Kemp
Brian Tran Honors with Highest Distinction Structure Preserving Discretizations of Classical Field Theories Michael Holst, Melvin Leok
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Nathan Chen Honors with Distinction On the Fundamental Groups of Ricci Solitons Bennett Chow
Wanting Chen Honors with Distinction Effect of Graph Structures on Selection for a Model of a Population on an Undirected Graph Jason Schweinsberg
Yujo Chen Honors with Distinction Topics in Number Theory: Elliptic Curves Daniel Kane
Stavros Sioutis Honors with High Distinction Calibration and Filtering of Exponential Lévy Option Pricing Models Philip Gill, Allan Timmermann, Patrick Fitzsimmons
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
John Dougherty Honors with High Distinction Vassiliev Invariants, Chord Diagrams, and Jacobi Diagrams Justin Roberts
Michael Olsen Honors with High Distinction Numerical Performance of Time-Frequency Transforms in Lossy Audio Coding Michael Holst
Bjorn Wehlin Honors with Highest Distinction Josephson Junctions in Unconventional Superconductors David Meyer (Math), Robert Dynes (Physics), Shane Cybart (Physics)
Wenjing Yin Honors with Highest Distinction Robust Significance Testing in Sparse and High Dimensional Linear Models Jelena Bradic
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Artem Mavrin Honors with High Distinction A Survey of Analytic Number Theory Alina Bucur
Sam Tracy Honors with Distinction Ordinal data and a comparison of the General Estimating Equations against Maximum Likelihood Estimation Ronghui "Lily" Xu
Laura Wilke Honors with Distinction Comparing Partial Rankings David Meyer
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Camille Briat Honors with Distinction Random-to-Random Shuffles Todd Kemp
Gregory Edwards Honors with High Distinction On Genus Zero Stable Maps to the Flag Variety Dragos Oprea
Siuyung Fung Honors with High Distinction Functions of Baire Class One Jacob Sterbenz
Geoff Ganzberger Honors with High Distinction Some Properties of Rational Points on Elliptic Curves Alina Ioana Bucur
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Katie Gedeon Honors with Distinction Simultaneous Triangularization of Certain Sets of Matrices Lance Small
Lihua Huang Honors with High Distinction Keeler's Theorem and products of distinct transpositions Ron Evans
Natalie Sauerwald Honors with Distinction A Wavelet-Based Approach to Template Matching Under Scaling and Translation David Meyer
Anila Yadavalli Honors with Distinction Quadrant marked mesh patterns in words Jeffrey Remmel
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Shishir Agrawal Honors with Highest Distinction The Euler Characteristic of the Moduli Space of Stable Maps into a Grassmannian Dragos Oprea
Matthew Cha Honors with High Distinction A quantum random walk model for the (1+2) dimensional Dirac equation David Meyer
Leilani Gilpin Honors with Distinction The Impact of Topology and Communication Models on Connectivity in Networks Melvin Leok
Minji Kim Honors with Distinction Second Order Reed-Muller Decoding Algorithm in Quantum Computing David Meyer
Bryce Terwilliger Honors with Distinction The Asymptotic Efficiency of the Bell-Doksum Procedure Relative to the T-test Ian Abramson
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Konstantin Dragomiretskiy Honors with High Distinction On Gauss Sums, Cyclotomic Number Fields and Stickelberger's Theorem Harold Stark
Sarah Elghraoui Honors with Distinction Graphs, Zeta Functions, Diameters, and Cospectrality Audrey Terras
Hayley Miles-Leighton Honors with Distinction Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Stochastic Heat Equation Michael Holst
Franklin Wu Honors with High Distinction Induced Forests in Planar Graphs Jacques Verstraete
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Kathryn Farrell Honors with High Distinction Hamiltonian Mechanics and the Construction of Numerical Integrators Michael Holst
Kevin Heins Honors with Distinction Spatial Correlation of Solar Radiation Stations Using Cross-Spectral Methods Ery Arias-Castro
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Vitaly Katsnelson Honors with High Distinction Chemical Reaction Networks: Comparing Deficiency, Determinant Expansions, and Sign Patterns Bill Helton
Jennifer B. Webster Honors with Distinction Comparsion of Two Methods for Modeling Electron-Radiation Interactions Michael Holst
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Jonathan David Kommemi Honors with Highest Distinction Variational methods for weak solutions to the Einstein Hamiltonian constraint on finite domains with boundary Michael Holst
Frank Lam Honors with High Distinction Special values of hypergeometric functions over finite fields Ron Evans
Xinyi Lin Honors with High Distinction Estimation of the primary hazard ratio in the presence of a secondary covariate with non-proportional hazards Ronghui Xu
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Will Garner Honors with Distinction Planting the (Intellectual) Need From Which Learning Grows Guershon Harel
Jeremy M. Greene Honors with High Distinction Noncommutative Polynomials with Almost Positive Second Derivatives J. William Helton
Eric Yin Honors with Distinction Multilevel Iterative Methods Randy Bank
Name Honors Level Thesis Advisor(s)
Joey Hammer Honors with Distinction Decomposing Hackenbush Leonard Haff
Joshua A. Hernandez Honors with Distinction Non-Commutative Subharmonic and Harmonic Polynomials J. William Helton
Chris Melancon Honors with Distinction Simulation of a Quantum Random Walk Jeffrey Rabin, David Meyer
Jonathan Pearlman Honors with Distinction Necessary Conditions for the Non-existence of Odd Perfect Numbers Ronald Evans
Christopher Severs Honors with High Distinction Distance 2 Permutation Statistics and Symmetric Functions Jeffrey Remmel